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T + C = S – I call this “The Success Metric” and it’s actually all you need to do to print your own affiliate pay check day after day to the tune of 3, 4 or even 5 figures per day.
The “Iceberg Effect” – You’re gunna be angry when you see this, probably outraged even! You’ll slap yourself for not seeing it sooner when you realise how much money you lose every day right now!
#1 Affiliate Cash Asset and How To Get It – There’s one main asset that will make you the most money in your business, without it you can do “OK” but with it you’ll make breath-taking amounts of cash, literally on demand!
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The “B-E” Strategy – I discovered this 3 years ago and since it’s made me over $2 million bucks, best of all I didn’t even have to sell anything myself!
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